Curriculum Vita

1961 Graduated from Leningrad Polytechnic University,
major Hydrodynamics
1966 Ph.D. Thesis “Nonlinear Acousto-electric Phenomena in Piezoelectric Semiconductors”

now  Professor, Racah Institute of Physics, The Hebrew University,  Jerusalem, Israel
 *Developed a consistent theory of interacting excitons in quantum wells.
 *Found very strong fluctuations and the absense of thermodynamic glassy transition in Coulomb
 *Studied the band structure and developed a theory of exciton Bose  condensation in InAs/GaSb
 *Revised a theory of electron-electron scattering in 2D electron gas.
 *Developed a theory of instability and high-field domains in  superlattices.
 *Developed a quasiclassical theory of quantum galvano-magnetic  effects in high mobility 2D electron
 *Showed and analysed new scattering mechanisms in 2D hole gas.
 *Studied vertical transport in different kinds of heterostructures.
*Taught graduate courses in solid state physics, physics of semiconductors, mathematical methods in
theoretical physics.
1990-1991:  Visiting Professor, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot 76100  Israel.
 *Predicted new nonstationary phenomena in superlattices.
1989-1990:  Researcher, IBM Thomas J.Watson Research Center,  Yorktown Heights, NY 10598,
 Theoretical interpretation of the most recent experimental results:
 *Explained some paradoxes in mutual drag of electron gases in
 *Explained an unexpectedly long mean free path of hot electrons in  heterostructures
 *Estimated parameters of new structures for heterostructure devices.
1988-1989: Adjunct Professor, Polytechnic University, Brooklyn, NY 11202,  USA.
 *Taught undergraduate courses in physics.
 *Showed a possibility to observe Coulomb blockade phenomena  at high temperature.

1966-1987: Staff Scientist, A.F.Ioffe Physico-Technical Institute of USSR Academy of Sciences,
Leningrad, USSR.