Prof. Dan Davidov
  The Hebrew university of Jerusalem 91904 ISRAEL
  The Racah institute of physics.
  Condensed matter group.
Tel : 972-2-658-4637 Fax:972-2-5617-805


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Research interests
High-Tc superconductors. Microwave and mm-wave imaging techniques. Structural and electro-optical studies of conjugated polymers. Organic-based devices. High-resolution X-ray and synchrotron radiation.

Research Interests and activities
Near-field microwave microscopy; Near field ESR microscopy; Photonic crystals in the microwave, mm-wave, infra-red and optical ranges; magnetic nano-particles; self-assembly of magnetic particles; conjugated polymers; polymer-based light emitting diodes and lasers in the visible and near-ir; Surface-Plasmon-Polaritons, manipulation of light by corrugated metal films