List of Publications

Kaye prize of the Hebrew University for the year 1995.

Bergmann prize for the year 1994.

Alexander Von Humboldt award for the years 2000-2001.


Dan Davidov is a coauthor of 290 publications in refereed journals

  Golosovsky M, Maniv E, Davidov D, Frenkel A “Near-field of a scanning aperture
microwave probe: a 3-D finite element analysis” IEEE instrumentation, October 2002

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Paper presented at the ICSM conference in Shanghai 2002, Synthetic Metals 2002

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clusters in magnetic confinement” PHYSICAL REVIEW E 65: 61405-1  JUNE 12  2002

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YBa2Cu3O7-delta thin films in linear and nonlinear regime in a dc magnetic field
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   Golosovsky M, Saado Y, Davidov D   Self-assembly of floating magnetic particles into ordered structures:
A promising route for the fabrication of tunable photonic band gap materials
APPL PHYS LETT 75 (26): 4168-4170 DEC 27 1999

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grafted with poly(ethylene imine): improved stability and coordination of transition metals   J MATER CHEM 9 (7): 1387-1389 JUL 1999

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polymer-based heterostructures  SYNTHETIC MET 102 (1-3): 955-956 JUN 1999

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SYNTHETIC MET 102 (1-3): 1215-1216 JUN 1999

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(4-vinylpyridine) with PVK and PBD as transport layer  SYNTHETIC MET 102 (1-3): 1217-1219 JUN 1999

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(arylenevinylene)-type conjugated polymers  ACTA POLYM 49 (10-11): 642-651 NOV 1998

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composites as revealed by ESR-probe and magnetization  PHYSICA C 297 (1-2): 111-123 MAR 1 1998

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polar side chains and their use in the formation of hydrogen bonding based self-assembled multilayers
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an optical distance control  ULTRAMICROSCOPY 71 (1-4): 133-141 MAR 1998

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ight emitting diode pixel array  SYNTHETIC MET 85 (1-3): 1187-1190 FEB 15 1997

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SYNTHETIC MET 85 (1-3): 1247-1248 FEB 15 1997

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SYNTHETIC MET 85 (1-3): 1265-1266 FEB 15 1997

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in conjugated polymer-based LEDs   SYNTHETIC MET 85 (1-3): 1269-1270 FEB 15 1997

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pyridylene copolymers of PPV  SYNTHETIC MET 84 (1-3): 621-622 JAN 1997

  Cohen GB, Pogreb R, Vinokur K, et al.  Spatial light modulator based on a
deformed-helix ferroelectric liquid crystal and a thin a-Si:H amorphous photoconductor
APPL OPTICS 36 (2): 455-459 JAN 10 1997


Recent Patents

D.Davidov and M. Golosovsky "Millimeter-wave near-field resistivity microscope", US patent no. 5,781.018 (1998).
D.Davidov and M. Golosovsky, “ Polarization-sensitive near-field microwave microscope”, US patent 6,100,703 (2000)
A. Frenkel, M. Golosovsky and D.Davidov, “ Microwave near-field microscope based  on a dielectric resonator”, US patent application (pending)D. Davidov, M. Golosovsky, F. Sakran, M. Abu-Teir and A. Frenkel    “Near-Field electron spin resonance and ferromagnetic resonance with micron and sub-micron lateral resolution”   US patent application, in preparation

Research Interests and activities

Near-field microwave microscopy; Near field ESR microscopy; Photonic crystals in the microwave, mm-wave, infra-red and optical ranges; magnetic nano-particles; self-assembly of magnetic particles; conjugated polymers; polymer-based light emitting diodes and lasers in the visible and near-ir; Surface-Plasmon-Polaritons, manipulation of light by corrugated metal films

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