Curriculum Vitae

Personal Data: Born in Vienna, Austria, 04.25.1922. Married Dvorah (Lederer) 1948, deceased 1969. Five children, Esther Cohen, Nachum, Avraham, Chava, Shimon. Remarried in 1970 to Sara Katzburg (Children of her previous marriage: Zippora Posen, Ayala Dayan, Miriam Butbul, and Rivka Honig).

Citizenship: Canada and Israel.

Academic Background
1946 B.A  First Class Honours, Physics Major, Queen's University, Kingston, Ont.,      Medal of Physics.
  1947  M.A, Columbia University, New York City, NY. (Physics)
1950 Ph.D.(March), ColumbiaUniversity, New York N.Y. Thesis advisor Professor C.H.Townes.Thesis: Microwave Spectra of Linear XYZ Molecules
1951 1945-46 Assistant at Queen's University
  1946-49  Assistant at Columbia University
  1949-50  Research Assistant, Radiation Laboratory, Columbia University
  1950-54  Lecturer, Department of Physics, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  1954-58  SeniorLecturer, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  1958-60  Associate Professor, Hebrew University, Jerusalem
  1961-70  Professor of Physics
  !970        Chair. Sadie Danciger Professor of Physics, Hebrew University
  1992       Professor Emeritus

Professorial Appointments
  1954  Visiting Scholar at the Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University.
  1955-57 Research Associate, Enrico Fermi Institute of Nuclear Studies,
  University of Chicago, Chicago,  Ill.
  1956  Visiting Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory Argonne, Ill.
  1959  Professor, Visiting Scientist National Magnetic Laboratory, M.I.T.     (Cambridge,Mass.)
  1959  Visiting Scientist, Lincoln National Laboratory, Mass.
  1959  Professor Physics, TheTechnion, Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
  1960, 1963 and 1967  Research Scientist at the National Physics Laboratory, Ottawa,   Ont. Canada
  1962-64 Professor of Physics, Dept. of Physics, Weizmann Institute, Rechovot.
  1963-66 Visiting Professor, Atomic Energy Laboratory, Nahal Soreq.
  1964-65 Professor of Physics, Department of Physics, M.I.T. Cambridge, Mass. and at the National Magnetic Laboratory, M.I.T.
  1974  Visiting Professor, Atomic Energy Commission, Grenoble, France.
  1977  Visiting Professor, Atomic Energy Commission, Cordeas, Venezuela.
  1982-83 Visiting Professor , Center for Public Policy and the National Magnet   Laboratory, M.I.T.Cambridge, Mass.
  1985-86 Professor of Physics, Columbia University, New York City, N.Y.
  1988-89 Professor, Interdisciplinary Center for Technological Analysis &    Forecasting, Tel Aviv University.
  1990-91 Visiting Professor, University of Toronto, Toronto Ont.