Scientific Accomplishments:
1. 220 publications in the field of Physics: Microwave Spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics, Solid State Physics, Electron Spin Resonance, Shock waves, Laser Light Scattering, Biophysics, Public Policy.  About 45 publications in Jewish law and the interaction and influence of modern technology on Halacha.
 2. Books: 1. Paramagnetic Resonance in Solids, Academic Press 1960
      2.Editor: Proceedings of the International Conference of Paramagnetic        Resonance 1963 .2 volumes, Academic Press 1965.
 3. Various Textbooks in Physics
 4. Senior Editor Physics Letters 1970-1980
 5. Editor Journal of Solid State Communication 1970-1974
 6. Two books on the interaction of Modern Technology and Jewish Law