Curriculum Vitae

Personal and education

1928 -    Born in Miskolc, Hungary.

1946 -    Emigration to Israel.

1952 -    M.Sc. in physics, The Hebrew University (H.U.)

1957 -    Ph.D. in Physics , (H.U.)

1957/8 -    Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Hull, Hull U.K.

1958 -     Lecturer at the H.U.

1977 -     Professor at the H.U.

1996 -     Emeritus

Main research projects.
1951-7 - Electroluminescence and related effects in ZnS~ type phosphors.
1956-65- Electroluminescence in single crystals.
1964-73- Polytypism in ZnS: relationship between crystal structure and electrical and optical properties.
1966-75- Reflection spectroscopy and photoconductivity in rare gas solids.
1973-80- Optical and electronic properties of rare gas liquids.
1977-present Evolution of excitons and electron energy bands in simple fluids, using photoconduction, photoinjection,
absorption and reflection techniques.
1986-present Surface physics: gas adsorption and absorption.
1973 1998. Employing synchrotron radiation in the UK, Germany and the USA to perform some of the above projects.