Our LAB activities:
The laboratory is engaged in the study of basic physical phenomena brought about by the
presence of static disorder in electronic systems. These phenomena are usually associated
with quantum-mechanical effects that are observable in small systems measured at
ultra-low temperatures. Extensive measurements facilities are available for researchers in
this group. These include comprehensive electronic equipment, temperature ranges of
0.06-300K, and magnetic fields up to 110,000 Gauss. Sample fabrication facilities
(including optical and electronic lithography equipment with lateral-resolution down to two
hundred angstroms), as well as a variety of characterization equipment (optical
spectroscopy and electron microscopy). Current research subjects are:
* Hall effect in hopping systems
* Quantum phenomena in systems driven out of equilibrium
* Mesoscopics
*Superconductivity and Josephson effects
* Resonant tunneling
* Metal/insulator and superconductor/insulator transitions.